Don’t you worry child

Don’t you worry /  Don’t you worry child/ God has a plan for you…

I love the song, but are we really gonna fell for that? Are we just puppets on a string?

Do you really believe that everything is so simple?

That something/ someone is there to take care of you and make sure you are fulfilling a certain planned destiny?

Please tell me that religion and the mere belief that everything happens for a reason (also called faith or destiny or bla bla) did not fooled you!

I know you wish someone were there to give your life a purpose, to have someone to ask for help, to blame someone else for your actions, to fear someone in order to behave properly! But everything that keeps happening to you it’s nothing more than the consequences of your own actions.

So if you believe that some all mighty God helped you get that promotion or that crazy girl who kept smiling at you gave you her number?

Trust me: it’s all you! And usually, the same goes for the bad stuff in your life.

I admit that sometimes it’s just luck (or bad luck), but we live connected and other people actions may disrupt the peaceful chaos of our lives and the only thing you can do is to get the best of it.

Don’t you worry child, you’re strong enough to face the world on your own!

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