There are so many types of love. I’ve always wanted to have the crazy one, passionate, fairy tale ending full of romanticism and smiles. So I’m asking baby, what type of love are we?

I never expected to date you, but I did. You were something new with calm in your eyes, peaceful. I thought maybe its time to grow up and leave my adventurous hopes of bad boys turning good and screenplays behind.

We were good to each other. We dealt with minor problems and we were there for one for the other, for better and for worse, and at last on my side more worse than good. I would never forget what we shared. I wish you wouldn’t had.

We grew comfortable and it appears there aren’t any steps back. Families met, holidays and celebrations, more gifts and memories happened.

Work, school, friends became more important and sometimes we barely tolerated each other. Couples fight, it’s normal. But is it OK to be so often and for so many little things?

People change and maybe things changed me. I was 17 when you met me. 5 years later I know what I want from life and from the position you are holding now.

What I want from you is to be happy and enjoy life. What I want from my boyfriend is passion, sparks, common goals, things to talk about, understanding. It’s not enough to make smile from time to time.

What do you want from the people sitting next to you?

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